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Choose one of our beautiful combinations with Espelette pepper. Like a set with coarsely ground Piment d'Espelette and the sweet spicy Gelée de Piment d'Espelette. All three Espelettes are made at the Ferme Conchoinea in the French Basque country with exclusively hand-picked Gorria peppers.

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Piment d'Espelette combi

We offer you various combinations of the following products from Segida's Conchoinea farm in Aïnhoa in the French Basque Country:

Piment d'Espelette AOP: This Piment d'Espelette, silver awarded in 2018, is presented in the original glass jar with 40 grams of powder, without any additives.

This coarsely ground chilli pepper comes from the French Basque country. The peppers are grown with care and love on the Ferme Conchoinea, a plot of approximately 4 hectares located in Aïnhoa, where most of the work is done by hand. The pepper is aromatic, with a hint of tomato, and is relatively mild for a chilli pepper. Only 4,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, similar to the sharpness of a Jalapeño, also a Capsicum annuum.

The pepper is named after the place where it has been cultivated for centuries, and where every year a festival is held in honor of the chili pepper: Espelette, in the French-Basque Pyrenees-Atlantiques. The cultivation of chili peppers in this area dates back to the 17th century, when the chili pepper was introduced in Europe from South America.

Always keep your piment in a dark place (to preserve the beautiful color) - and after opening it in the refrigerator for maximum preservation of the aromas.

Purée de Piment d'Espelette: Made of chili en wine vinegar and a litle salt. Use it in the same way as harissa.

Gelée de Piment d'Espelette: Based on the Piment d'Espelette, this jelly is made, delicious on tapas or a savory cheese. The jelly is sweetened. 

Save the gelée after opening in the refrigerator! After opening, if stored in the refrigerator, the gelée can be kept for several weeks.

Poivronade au Piment d'Espelette: A new, delicious tapenade, made from paprika and a dash of Piment d'Espelette, delicious with meats, toast or tortilla.

The poivronade is a fresh product without preservatives. In the refrigerator, the poivronade can only be kept for a few days after opening.


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C108FR-DUO-G Piment d'Espelette - Gelée de piment d'Espelette 5 0.140 Kg €12.95
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C108FR-DUO-V Piment d'Espelette - Poivronade au piment d'Espelette 5 0.140 Kg €11.95
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C108FR-DUO Gelée de piment d'Espelette - Poivronade au piment d'Espelette 5 0.200 Kg €11.15
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C108FR-TRIO~G Piment d'Espelette, Gelée d'espelette and Poivronade au piment d'Espelette (3) 5 0.240 Kg €17.40
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C108FR-DUO-P Piment d'Espelette - Purée de piment d'Espelette 5 0.000 Kg €12.95
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C108FR-TRIO-P Piment d'Espelette, Purée d'Espelette and Poivronade au piment d'Espelette (3) 5 0.100 Kg €17.45
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C108FR-Q Combination of all Segida-products (4) 5 0.350 Kg €22.75
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C108FR-DUO-PG Purée d'Espelette and Gelée d'Espelette (2) 5 0.190 Kg €12.10
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