Green penja pepper PGI

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This immature Penja pepper hasn’t been dried in the sun like the black pepper, but is freeze-dried, and because of that retained both it’s shape (no wrinkles) and its bright green color. It’s fiery, fragrant and fruity. Grown without pesticides and without fertilizers.

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Green Penja pepper 
Protected geographical indication PGI

Penja pepper is the first and so far only pepper species, which is grown professionally on African soil. That happens only since the fifties of the last century, when the pepper plant was introduced in Cameroon.

Since then, pepper cultivation in Cameroon has taken off, and shows how succeful a quality product can be. Not just the production has risen sharply in recent years (although it is still a 'small' pepper is 300 tons per year), also the price on the market. More and more farmers are switching over from the less profitable cultivation of cocoa and coffee to that of pepper. Nearly 70% of production is for domestic use only 30% for export.

Penja pepper is a particularly flavourful pepper, the best according to French gastronomes and chefs, who are very fond of the pepper from the former French colony, especially like the white Penja.

Penja belongs to the select group of  three African product having the African Protected geographical indication (PGI). It means  - like in the European protection schems - that only pepper which is grown in the Penja valley and in accordance with the requirements, may carry this Penja name.

This green pepper isn’t dried in the sun but freeze-dried. It has retained its round shape, without wrinkling, and its beautiful green color. It’s fiery, fragrant and fruity. Without pesticides and without fertilizers.

Penjapepers grow on the volcanic soil of the Penjavallei, giving the pepper has a distinctive, musky flavor. The green pepper is picked unripe and freeze-dried immediately, a technique in which the berry remains beautiful round and retains its fresh green color.

This green pepper combines excellently with steaks, but also with birds like duck, and game.

Rehydrate the pepers before use with a liquid of your choice to suit your dish. Great in cold dishes such as salads, think of cucumber salad, in creamy soups and sauces and (dry) as table pepper.

General advice 
Like all peppers, it is strongly advised to buy dried berries and grind them yourself shortly before eating. You get most profit from the aromas adding to a dish at the last minute, and preferably having it only slightly cooked.

Kept in a dry, dark and pretty cool place, it will keep its aromas certainly for two years. The expiry date on the package is an indication. Once pepper is ground it will retain its flavour approximately three months, degrading rapidly thereafter.


Data sheet

Botanical name
Piper nigrum
100% Penja pepper
Best before
Allergy advice
Does not contain allergenen
Transparant pouch or test tube (10ml)

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