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Enjoy a hint of citrus pepper in summer

In June we give a 20% discount on our peppers with a natural citrus aroma: timur, sansho and Vietnamese mountain pepper. Delicious in your salads, with cucumber, on white fish, even on fruit. The discount also applies to andaliman. Fancy this one in your beloved Sambal. Sambal aka Batak. The offer is valid as long as the peppers are on stock.

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New spices from Cameroon

Traditionally West Africans use local spices in their dishes. Although world's spices are getting more and more popular, in gastronomy traditionals like the garlic nut, the calabash nutmeg and the alligator pepper still remain, especially in local dishes like the famous pepper soup. You can find them under exotic names, in one of the dozens of languages of Western Africa. They call the calabash nutmeg pébè for instance, the garlic ngô hiômi and the alligator pepper mbongô.

Although their familiar, indisputable aromas of garlic, nutmeg and pepper, none of them has a proper Western or Eastern equivalent.

Unique for the Netherlands, we offer all three as pod or seed, not ground., so can you use them as freshly ground as can be.

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