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Summer is coming, become our customer

Throughout May we give our customers a 15% discount on all peppers and other spices. A great opportunity to give your meat, fish and poultry and your summer salads a lift. Try your goat cheese with long pepper, your green salad with a citrus pepper and your steak with Tasmanian pepper. You won't regret it.

New spices from Cameroon

Traditionally West Africans use local spices in their dishes. Although world's spices are getting more and more popular, in gastronomy traditionals like the garlic nut, the calabash nutmeg and the alligator pepper still remain, especially in local dishes like the famous pepper soup. You can find them under exotic names, in one of the dozens of languages of Western Africa. They call the calabash nutmeg pébè for instance, the garlic ngô hiômi and the alligator pepper mbongô.

Although their familiar, indisputable aromas of garlic, nutmeg and pepper, none of them has a proper Western or Eastern equivalent.

Unique for the Netherlands, we offer all three as pod or seed, not ground., so can you use them as freshly ground as can be.

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